Saturday, October 27, 2012

French Fry Art

Anyone who sees my drawings knows that I only paint or draw on used materials, like paper bags and whatnot. Lately, I like to draw on french fry containers. They have a great shape and cool stripes. Here's my most recent stuff.

This is Daniel. He goes everywhere with me. My mom and sister gave him to me as a high school graduation gift. He has been  my best traveling companion since.

I made this one with Rick Bierman in mind. Rick was the lovely man who Richeff and I stayed with in Alaska. He and his wife owned property on an island near Juneau. I was so happy to get to know Rick, especially when we seemed to share a love for Abbie Hoffman. Rick once write a beautiful poem that was a response to Allan Ginsberg's "Howl," and it referenced Abbie. It was so beautiful I cried. So Rick, next time I see you, this is yours!

This is Bob Dylan. I wanted to make it colorful and put a beautiful quote next to him. But I was in a bad mood. So all I could think of was "I used to care, but things have changed..." So I left it blank.

While I was reading Salmon Rushdie's autobiography and he was talking about meeting a man in Kerala who had "henna in his beard." This is what came to my mind.

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