Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Church

This is the coolest spot on the mission. I spend some good time there.
Nothing says hardcore, wester, cowboys and Indians like a lilac purple church...

This is a fiew form the loft, and that soggy bottom boy building the altar is my new roomate, George.

These are the North American martyrs painted on the ceiling. George is going to completely redo it.
View looking out.

Tom's face

This sad son of a bitch got knocked in the eye by a Marine. Best night ever. As one would say, you should see the other guy... chipped tooth and nearly broken toe. Good. Free. Entertainment.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Seattle P-I is up for sale

The Seattle P-I globe in my rear-view mirror my last night in town.

I got back to my house after a weekend in Rapid City and decided to see what Seattle was up to, so I clicked onto the Seattle P-I's Web site. There, I read political cartoonist David Horsey's blog post. It said that the newspaper is being put up for sale, with the knowledge that no one will buy it. After 60 days, the paper is likely to shut down completely.

To my friends in the news business, this is a scary time for all of us, but our thoughts should be with the good people at the P-I, who work longer hours for less pay, write great stories to a hostile audience and have been the underdog for too long. To my friends in other lines of work, this is the beginning of bad things to come. Without local newspapers, there will be no checks and balances in government. There will be no voice for the voiceless. All the news will come from a select few syndicated reporters and readers and citizens will be at the greatest loss.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From grandma's house

We had to do some color composites for my photography class last semester. I'm pretty sure it's the only assignment I got an A on, so I decided to do a few more. I took these out at my grandma's house.

This is the front of my grandmother's house I took a few weeks ago with a disposable camera. My scanner doesn't have a lid, and has Velcro in the corners, but you get the idea.

This is the back of her place.

This was too big to scan. It's the view from her balcony out in Valley, Neb. Abby, if you like any of these, I got doubles of the pics, so I could make one for you.

Lastly, this is sort of my grandmother, sort of holding Leo, sitting next to sort of Martha. They kept moving, so it turned out a little funky.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My new digs

So... I'm here. I'm at St. Francis, partying it up... not really. I'll take kick ass photos of everything once I get more acclimated, but for right now, you get to see my room. Yaaay!

How on earth could I survive without a giant poster of Niemann's face? I do not know.
Dr. Who has been traveling around my room, getting into trouble.
There's nothing to do up here, so I have to live vicariously through my soldiers fighting in a glow-in-the-dark, prehistoric, intergalactic space battle.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to get some pics with my new scanner camera.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Off and Away

So, I am all packed up to go to St. Francis Mission, and I feel like a few lists are in order.

All the stuff I am taking for the next five months of my life fit in a corner of my living room.
I have:
1. Home-made camera
2. Records and record player
3. Dan my elephant
4. Clothes
5. Mississippi posters, prints and drawings
6. Box of miscellaneous goods

In my box I have:

1. One Han Solo bobble head on loan from Bob
2. Ukulele
3. Bowling pin lamp
4. Vintage Playboy
5. Mini dinosaurs, aliens and spacemen
6. Martian Manhunter action figure (R.I.P.)
7. Bible and Bible dictionary
8. Journalism books
9. Two reporters notebooks
10. DVDs including season two of the Andy Griffifth Show, Leave it to Beaver, Twin Peaks, The Party and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

If that doesn't sum me up, I don't know what does...

It sucks leaving suck a cool place with my best friends. Hopefully I'll come back with some kick ass pics and ill experiences.