Saturday, November 19, 2011

25 things before I'm 25

After a margarita, a G and T, a sheesha and a chocolate lava cake, my two favorite lawyers and I hunkered down to make my list of 25 things to do in the next year and a half.

Some of them might be a little lofty (#1 Go to Africa, #5 interview Pete Seeger) but they are now written in stone. And by stone I mean they were written on the back of a Dunken Donuts bag.

It's kinda intimidating having goals. In fact, it's usually a goal of mine not to have goals. Like, now that I have them written down I have to do them. And even though I want to do these things, it's scary. Especially the bungee jumping idea.

Ah well, if I don't get them accomplished in the next year or so, they can be moved to my 30 before 30 list I suppose.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to teach me how to cook a meal or how to drive a nail properly it would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A fleeting love affair

So I’ve been out of the States for over a year now. And I hear these stories (mostly from Sophie) about this traveler’s passion. Where you fall head over heels for someone really quickly because you are both in such impermanent situations.

Well, I was super jealous of Sophie and all of the other backpackers I saw falling in love in hostels and on beaches.

I’m not so jealous anymore.

As it turns out, the impermanence of the affair is pretty painful.

As you can probably tell, I met a boy. And he was nice. And now he’s gone.

Rather than going into the probably all-too cliché details, I’ll make a hodgepodge of lyrics from my favorite songs (you can click the numbers to listen) to explain the last few days of my life. And then I’ll probably jump out of a window.

1. Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?
2. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you getting to hope you like me too
3. I got a girl and I kissed her and then, oh Lord, I kissed her again. Oh, oh, kisses sweeter than wine. Oh, oh, kisses sweeter than wine
4. I’m so glad, I am so glad, I’m so glad I don’t know what to do. Would you be my little darlin’, would you be my dear, would you be my darlin’ be my dear?
5. You’re a flower that is blooming in the wildwood, a flower that is blooming just for me.
6. Baby please don’t go. Baby please don’t go. Baby please don’t go down to New Orleans, you know I love you so, darling please don’t go
7. Oh no, I can’t believe you’re leaving me. Stay with me, baby. I’m asking you, begging you please
8. I’ve never seen a night so alone, when time goes crawling by… I’m so lonesome I could cry
9. You gotta give a little, take a little and let your poor heart break a little. That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love
10. We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day