Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hold onto your hats, it's an aries full moon

Aries full moon over Jaipur

The resident astrologer at our new apartment tells us that this weekend was the Aries full moon. we saw it from the hilltop in Jaipur. Not only is it beautiful, but explains a lot… if I believed in this kind of stuff. She told us that this is a period for intense change so just try to survive it until things settle.

Well, here I am, trying to hold on. New country, new coworkers, new apartment, new cities, sights, sounds, smells, foods. I just lost my grandmother. My heart is still broken. I don't know what I will see in this next month, if I will do well at anything or fail.

But, as Nick Lowe would say, "So it goes…"

Maybe it's the aries in me, but I know this is my doing. I chose this life and this job, and I choose to travel on the weekends rather than sleep in. I choose to keep my mind busy and my eyes drinking in new things all the time.

According to the website, "Under the just-do-it Full Moon Aries, what action can you take that sends a signal that you're moving past fear? A small step, if it's the right one, has the power to alter how you feel about what's possible." So I will be looking this weekend to do something that I would otherwise be afraid of.

But I am waiting for this full moon to pass so things will settle. But instead of waiting not he moon to get smaller and smaller, maybe I should be the one who chooses to settle down.

Any advice on how to do that? I'm at a loss.

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