Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is Halloween

It's remarkable that I have made more friends in the first eight weeks of my life in Delhi than I did in nearly two years in Thailand. What is it about this city that brings people together so easily?

Saadia and I needed to celebrate Halloween, one way or another. It has become a high priority in my "adult" life since I was sick for so many Halloweens growing up. There weren't any parties that interested us, so we decided to invite people to a party, even though we didn't know where the hell we were going to have it.

Our landlord officially has become a pain in the ass, so our place was off the table. I mean, you break a few things, leave the gas on all day, allow your friends to stay in the spare rooms, throw parties, hold 3 a.m. singing contests on the porch, and all the sudden you're a bad tenant? Please.

So Saads was on the case. How could we throw a party and make bad decisions that wouldn't render us homeless? After a few phone calls in her best girl-in-need voice, we had a venue. Perfect strangers, hopefully not serial killers or evangelicals. 

Well, the party went off without a hitch. Unless you consider a late-night police visit, a little bit of vomit, a few bumps and busies, and dropping a pumpkin off the roof to be a hitch. But with 20 people, all costumed-up, running only on beer and Halloween candy, we're lucky we all survived.

So thank you, all of my new Delhi friends. You not only know how to do Halloween in style, but you make this city more exciting by the day!

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