Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bangkok, so far

Alright. My long-awaited drawing of Bangkok. Really, the first thing I've drawn since I left Rome.

What is in this picture? Well, almost everything I've done here so far.

I have taken the BTS (sky train) all over town with the Manchester United logo on it. I just found out, by the way, that Manchester United is a soccer team. And Apparently, Manchester is a... city? I think.

Anyway. Also in the picture, thai massages, Chang, and Seasoning which my week nights usually consist of.

Reclining Buddha I saw with mom and Holy Redeemer Church where I should spend more time.

The Pink Panther which has become the butt of a few jokes. The river where I made my offering. Vistory Monument and Rangnam.

And (of course) JRS! I even drew the office in which I now reside.

So there you have it. To all my Omahans who read this. That is an accurate depiction of where I live and what I do here. So come visit!

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