Monday, August 20, 2012

What do I do when my heart is broken?

As some of my dedicated readers (Abby) might know, whenever I'm feeling down, I like to draw a robot to make myself feel better. The idea is to draw the most pleasant thing possible, and then I can't feel sad anymore.

So, if I draw one robot when I'm down, it might go to show how I felt that I drew nine of them, doing the can can with a bunch of old-timey skeletons.

This is just a preview. I'm not finished yet, but the grand drawing, that is taking longer and is more involved than anything I've ever drawn, involves this guy:

(Cab Calloway, in case you weren't sure)

To get everyone in the mood for the upcoming epic Cab Calloway drawing, here is my favorite clip of him. No, don't click away... Did I mention there are Muppets involved???

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