Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey Calcutta, you're insane!

Where's the shittiest place you've ever stayed overnight? Mine would have to be hands down, my new room one the Jesuit residence grounds in Calcutta.

For future reference, if you are ever picked up at an airport and a Jesuit says, "This is a lot different then Delhi. Delhi is much more developed," you know you're in for a bumpy ride.

Now, of course I've only been here for an hour or so, so I might be prematurely judging. I'm going to go out a photograph what I am sure is an amazing city.

But right now I am sitting in my room. My room, which smells like my old bomb shelter. And it's just about as pleasant. No, scratch that. The bomb shelter was more pleasant because it had board games. They were covered in mildew, sure, but still games. There is mattress on the floor here covered in mildew, but it's not as fun to play with...

The Jesuit who brought me in, after unlocking the pad lock, pushing open the cracked and peeling plywood doors and turning on the light decided it was "a little stuffy in here," and opened my windows to let some fresh air in. Fresh air? All my windows open to the tent city slums on the street. That's the opposite of fresh.

So I'm on the cot. I am not removing the sheets to inspect the quality of this cot. I am just going to get through the next two days. Spend as little time in here as possible and pray that the refugee camps in Nepal are better. Or at least, less smelly.

Biohazard mattress

View from the window
...more photos to come.

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