Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love you, Ollie!

I'm sitting in the Tokyo airport, halfway between my life in bangkok and my life back home. And it only seems fitting in this time to give the biggest thank you to the person who has meant the most to me over the past year and a half of my life. So here it is, a love letter, or rather, a letter full of love for someone who means more to me than I thought possible.


I'm not saying goodbye in this. Goodbye is for quitters. You and I aren't saying goodbye because sometime soon I'm going to find you at the baggage claim at some airport and give you a huge hug hello. More beers will be had between us. More existential all-night debates. More tuk tuks. More street food.

So instead of a goodbye, this is a thank you.

The past year and a half of this blog is filled with the great times we had together. And the spaces in between these blog posts are more great times that (probably for legal reasons) I didn't write about.

My time in Thailand would have been nothing without you. You are my best friend, the person I rant to at work, the person I rant to after work, over beers, about work; the person who I always want to see when I'm hung over or sick with dengue or depressed; the person who I want to party with and make jokes to that would make my mother blush. 

When I first met you at the airport and the few days after, I thought you were so fun and so smart and your accent just knocked me out! I can't believe all this time later that you think of me as such a good friend. I am blessed to know you and thrilled that you and I have done all of the damage we have. We survived Sonkran. We evaded sharks on Kho Phayam. We shared motorcycle taxis and saunas and hot springs, beers and breakfasts and sheeshas. 

And even if your memory doesn't work so well, just know that I remember it all. And you always have my blog to remind you!

You and me are still going to be you and me when I go. Ollie and Molly is just too catchy to be wasted. So wherever you are, I'll rob an old lady to afford a plane ticket. I'll wake you up waaaay too early in the morning when I don't remember the time difference between the two of us and I want to demand a Skype beer with you. I'll send you inappropriate ecards to your work account. Rest assured you're not done with me.

So it's all love. I never would have guessed that when I felt cheated out of going to Africa and being sent to Thailand (where the hell is Thailand?) that I would be the lucky one. If for nothing else over this past year and a half, I got to know you. And there is nothing more I could hope for out of a new experience.

We'll talk soon. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being you.


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