Thursday, June 7, 2012

Talkin bout Thailand

Yeah, I know, I complained until the cows came home about living in Bangkok. So I'm sure you aren't expecting me to talk about all the things I miss and everything I've learned there.

Well, here I go, defying all your expectations!

I learned to fall in love as frequently and as recklessly as possible. If not with people then with food or sunsets or moonlight on the ocean or moments or dance parties or music.

I learned that if I am good enough at my job, get my work done and show up reasonably close to 9 a.m., then I am allowed to be as eccentric, quirky and different as I want. They can't say shit.

I learned that motorcycle taxis are the greatest way to travel. I also learned to always check and see if there is a bottle next to them while they wait for passengers.

I learned that staying up until sunrise is underrated.

I learned that no plans are the best plans. I took the overnight bus and then the overnight ferry to an island I wasn't crazy about. So I stayed for a few days and then took a 19-hour bus up North. Why book ahead or look ahead? It'll just ruin the surprise!

I learned to allow myself to be sad sometimes, although I'm still working on it. I allowed myself to be lonely. But I need to learn how to be sad and lonely without becoming so sad and lonely that I can't get out of bed. That's how I drive up electricity costs. Thankfully, there wasn't much to be sad about so this was a blue moon affair.

I learned I love ladyboys.

I also learned to give people the benefit of the doubt, otherwise I'd be miserable. But on the other hand, I tried not to let people take advantage, even if it means I had to walk home.

I learned all work meetings should be done over beers.

Lastly, I learned that every week at work was my last week at work. Ollie said that, and Saadia and I have been living by it ever since. If every week is my last week, then office politics don't matter, personalities and egos don't matter and I don't have to sweat the small stuff.

So yes, fine, I learned a lot. I'll miss street food, motorcycle taxis, massages, weekend island holidays, lat night Leos, BTSs, Blues Bar, Mali, Ollie, Saadia, Ben and Zhava.

But Omaha is still the best city on the planet.

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Meela said...

I learned that every city - no matter its flaws - is wondrous and beautiful, if my extraordinary Molly is in it. Thank you for being my friend.