Friday, June 13, 2014

Yelping psychics in Key West

This blog was written April 8, but I am just posting it now. Some of the things written below make a little bit more sense now...

I was in Florida last week for, among other things, a chance to see my friend George who I used to live with on the Rosebud reservation. I looked around online to find us a psychic to speak with since both of our lives have been pretty crazy recently.

So this will be a short blog about what my tarot cards said. I'll write about Hemingway and the drag queens later. After Yelping the psychics, everyone recommended some oddball guy who spends his time on the boardwalk. His glasses and unkempt curly hair made him look like Burgess Meredith from his Twilight Zone days. Here is what he has to say:

First, the past. He told me that late last year someone from a past relationship tried to contact me but I refused to respond. This past relationship comes up a couple of times in my cards. Not to go into it in depth, suffice it to say that it was a bad situation that ended badly and made me feel bad for about two years. This past relationship was at the center of my cards.

Now, for the future. Supposedly I'm going to start a new relationship in May that isn't going to be the destructive kind. Supposedly this person is solid, and the psychic said, "you have nothing to worry about with this person; what you see is what you get." So that sounds like a pleasant change.

In June this relationship will get a little more serious but because of that past to-do, it's going to be hard for me to trust. The psychic said once I trust myself again I can trust this new person. He also said "possible proposal" in June but didn't give any details. but if I just get into this new relationship in May, I can't imagine it's that kind of proposal. maybe I'll spend the month writing project proposals or funding proposals for JRS.

June is also a month where I will feel at most secure with my job in the next six months. Maybe I will be offered a new contract or find a new job.

July brings a "shift in my separation" with that old relationship.

August is a tough month. My contract with JRS ends July 31 and the psychic said I have to be realistic about my future and not to put hope in people at work because they don't have my best interests at heart. I have to be careful about money, which is a pretty big joke.

Finally on September I should be able to calm down a little bit and accept whatever I've for going on in work and love.

So that's what I know! Sounds like a pretty interesting six months, no? I just need to remember to look back in six months and see if he was right. If I've got a ring on my finger in six months, I'll have to go back to Key West and invite our psychic to read all your guys' cards at the wedding!

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